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In 2018 we will be fortifying the foundation of KBCMI and Impact2one through continued relationship building and mutual learning.  We are excited to pour into the future children of KBCMI as well as others in the community through some programs that we will be launching in 2018.  


Beginning February 5,  2018, Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute will serve the people of Tomas Borge in the following ways:


Katie’s Kids – Forty-five students will still be attending KBCMI in the afternoons for the following:  meal assistance, ESL and leadership classes along with tutoring.


Stanley’s Kids – Twelve children with special needs within the Borge community will be served through our stanley’s kids program. Teachers will be visiting these children in their homes two days a week and at the school for socialization once per week.  

Small Business Training – Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute  will begin providing our young moms and other adults in the community with ESL classes and sewing classes in February. We hope to start other vocational programs soon.

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