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-Stacy Perkinson-

“Their world is unlike any other I have experienced. Full of love, acceptance, happiness despite the circumstances, and perseverance. Where hugs are handed out instead of handshakes, and 6 days is more than enough time to truly fall in love with the people of Tomás Borgé. My role was to bring the art of dance to the KBC Memorial Institute, to share the joy with these young girls that KB felt in her heart every time she took the stage. My goal wa...s to impact these girls through dance. I had no idea of the impact these kids and the people of the community would leave on me. From the moment I hugged the first neck to shedding tears as we left, I felt true love. The only thing they wanted was our time. Time together, moments shared together, to jump into our arms everyday and hang on until the very last minute. As I sat on the plane back to the States, my mind filled with duties, deadlines, and fear of not having enough time. It was in that quiet moment that I realized life is to short to live that way. Take a moment to listen to someone’s story, hug their neck tight, give back to those who may never get the chance, that’s what life is about. I hope I can return to Tomás Borgé soon, to hold onto those precious children, listen to them speak English, and hear about their dreams. Until then, I will carry with me my experience and remember the impact Tomàs Borgé had on my life.”

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