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Bring a Team

Discover the joy of serving others!  Nicaragua has a rich culture that would allow for an amazing multicultural experience while getting your team members out of their comfort zones as they serve abroad.  Our team can assist you as you create a team experience that will align with your passion and purpose.

Why Bring a Team?


At the core of everything is relationship.  Team journeys are about people not projects.  Your team will get to be a part of some amazing relationships.  Some relationships may last a short time but the impact will be felt for a lifetime.  Some relationships made will last a lifetime and will have endless ripples in your life and the lives of others.


Each team will be allowed to design a Team Journey specific to the   passions of their Team.  Your team will have the opportunity to serve in many ways.  Our Staff can assist you in putting together a plan specific to your passions. 

 Multicultural Experience

Nicaragua and the city of Leon are steeped in traditions and deep Central                                                       American culture.  Leon is especially proud of the arts.  Leon is home to the oldest Catholic cathedral in Central America and has a rich history of poets, agriculture, and tradition.  There is much to be learned about the history and tradition of Leon


Participating in a Team Journey where you can learn about the history and    customs of a culturally rich country like Nicaragua, serve others, and forge new relationships with people from another culture an invaluable learning experience.  Not only will team members learn a great deal about these things mentioned but they will also learn a great deal about themselves personally in the process.


Tomas Borge is a community about 3 miles outside the city of Leon.  Tomas Borge is often the focal point for most teams but there are other options available for teams that like to visit and serve many different communities on their Team Journey.  The city of Leon will be where teams base out of and have lodging for the week.  Leon is on the western side of Nicaragua and is about 25 min from the west coast.  


We would like to emphasize that Team Journeys should keep relationships as the primary focus for the time spent in Nicaragua.  There are plenty of projects to choose from.  You can check out our projects tab and our team on the ground in Leon will communicate with you and give you countless options on what you may want to do as a project.  Projects are not mandatory.  Your presence is valued and appreciated.  We can also simply facilitate relationship building activities with the locals as well. 



Lodging - Your team will stay in a hotel in the city of Leon.  There are a couple options.  One is to stay in a typical hotel and one is to stay in a hotel specifically designed to host teams. The typical hotels are often convenient to walk to the town square at night.   The one for teams is a bit further from the center of town and teams would be somewhat resigned to being on the compound after the day is over since there is not much in walking distance.  You can talk with our team facilitator Jeremy Barcenas on  your needs.

Food - Breakfast will be provided by the hotel.  Lunch and dinner will be amazing home cooked meals by the Barcenas family.  You will be bussed to either your hotel or Randy’s house for lunch and dinner. 

Transportation - Transportation to and from the airport in Managua as well as daily will be provided by a friendly bus service with air conditioned busses.  The bus service is privately reserved and will serve your team exclusively during your time in Leon. 

Translators - You will be provided 1 translator for every 4 team members.  Our translators are very talented and have great personalities.  The translators are also very professional and dont mind getting dirty with your team!

 Clean water - There will be an abundance of clean distilled water provided for you team daily.  Teams are encouraged to bring a camel back or at least a water bottle to keep filled at all times and stay hydrated.


Airline tickets - there are 2 ways teams can handle this.  One is to purchase you tickets individually.  Be sure all team members are on the same flight and can all be picked up at the same time on arrival.  Second is you can use a travel agent and block off tickets for your team.  Using this method you would have team members pay you a deposit of $200 to reserve their spot.  The best way to do this is to make your deadline to sign up and pay the deposit before you have to confirm the contract of the travel agent.  This way you will not have to pay a penalty if someone drops out or if you dont use all the tickets.  I recommend Travel Experts.  The contact is Cindy Wilson.  Her email is  She is very nice and easy to use.  All you have to do is send her an email and give her your dates, ports of departure, and number of team members, and she will email you prices, when everything is due, and when you cave to give a final number without penalty.  You will pay for your tickets directly through Travel Experts (or your own booking agent). 




Deposit- in order to reserve a particular week on the calendar for your team we ask that you provide a $400 non-refundable deposit.  This will secure you week on the calendar.  When you pay your ground cost this money will be credited towards that cost. 

Plane tickets vary by times of the year.  You are responsible to purchase your own tickets

On the ground cost which includes everything above is $90 per day including days of travel.  This does not pay for any projects your team may choose to do while in Nicaragua.  This also does not pay for your $10 entrance fee into the country or your special outings such as visiting the volcano ($10-$15)

Project costs.  Again this is optional for your teams and can be as big or small as you like.  You may charge $50 per team member or less or more depending on team size and project goals.  With a 10 man team that would give you $500 to spend on any equipment you may need to complete your project.  This will be purchased for you before and or during your trip.  You may also elect to do a team fundraiser for your project and send that down for your project.  Either way is perfectly fine. 

When is money due? - All money for ground cost and projects is due on or before 1 month prior to you arrival date. 

Who do you make the check out to?  

LB4C (Legacy Builders 4 Change) 

Mail to 137 Southwood Circle, Ringgold Ga 30736

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